About Us

Alteris Group was founded in 2002 by John Thompson and Tim Connor. They brought a wealth of experience, a vision for the type of marketing and learning company that clients could rely on for effective, empirical solutions, and a sense for the type of people they’d like to bring on staff to make that vision a reality.


For clients of all types, that vision has become a reality, including companies like Ford Motor Company, Kohler, Case New Holland, Henry Ford Hospital, Midas, Metaldyne and Visteon. They've relied on us for advertising, learning programs, merchandising kits, events, formal training, websites, annual reports, product immersions, recognition programs and more. The company has focused on two core competencies: Training and Marketing Communications, supported by deeply integrated digital and video capabilities. The blending of these disciplines has resulted in an exclusive insight and an impressive résumé of effective projects and satisfied clients. Those clients have relied on us for our singular ability and passionate desire to dive into their products, marketplace scenarios, customer needs, and distribution networks. From there, we work together to develop solutions that work, surprise, impress and deliver results.

Tim Connor + Tim Connor Co-Owner
John Thompson + John Thompson Co-Owner


You’re counting on your team to deliver the perfect product or create an unforgettable customer experience. They’ll have to move fast, look forward and drive business results… anywhere in the world. This outcome doesn’t happen by magic; it happens through innovative learning. We engage, enable and motivate your employees all around the globe through meaningful learning, training and educational experiences. We recognize that the demands of the modern learner are high. They expect to be supported, guided and motivated through immediate tools and experiences. Whether it’s through mobile technology, on the web, or in the classroom, Alteris knows how to reach its audience. Clients choose us for our rigor and innovation, but it’s our talent for developing straightforward, impactful solutions that keeps them coming back.


Kathleen Groschner + Kathleen Groschner Chief Learning Strategist
Dana Meyer + Dana Meyer Training Operations Manager


Today, all organizations are faced with the constant flux of change. Whether it’s trying to manage your talent, drive the performance of your people or recruit and train a diverse global workforce, the challenges are everywhere. Alteris Group consultants are strategic practitioners who have worked in your industry and understand the unique dynamics of your business. We have built a core set of consulting services around our mission to accelerate your business and optimize your organization’s performance. Some of our tools include process maps, front-end analyses, competency models, solution blueprints and performance assessments. As a strategic partner, we will collaborate with you to create and implement a unique strategy. We help you plan to align your organizational performance goals to meet your real-world business needs. Ultimately, we know it is human performance that drives business success. That can only happen when partners who share your vision help you navigate through a constant state of change.


Kathleen Groschner + Kathleen Groschner Chief Learning Strategist
Julie Evered + Julie Evered Learning and Performance Consultant


What kind of conversations are you having with your target audiences? Customers want immediate information gratification wrapped in an engaging brand story, one they feel good about sharing. Our deeply integrated capabilities help you connect with customers looking to make an informed purchase decision by providing relevant, captivating content. We help you create an inviting dialogue and an individual experience that people talk about… sparking the kind of conversation that inspires brand loyalists and turns them into advocates. Our multi-channel capability makes us truly media agnostic. Our strategic mix includes traditional, online and experience marketing, with a focus on business-to-business audiences. It’s backed by fast, flexible in-house video production, 3D animation, and digital strategies. Add our extensive experience in product launches, automotive marketing, dealership operations and more, and you get a powerful communications fusion for the evolving marketing landscape.


Dan Hill + Dan Hill Business Growth Strategistst


Your digital personality defines the success of your online presence, encouraging employees and customers to engage with your brand. And if you look the word “disruptive” up in the dictionary, you might find a picture of a smart phone. We’ve been doing systems design since before “digital” was a noun. We help you sort through the geek-speak and the clutter of new platforms to find real business solutions. We don’t believe in tech for tech’s sake, and we don’t overpromise. We do help you communicate better using the latest digital tools. From content management systems to sales performance support apps, we optimize mobility and content delivery to your customers and your employees. Our breakthrough solutions in the digital space include augmented reality and custom content-driven tablet applications. And our digital team is fully integrated, supporting the cross-pollination that helps us find the right answer for each client and situation. Enthrall your customers, engage your employees, and enable your executives with our insight into digital solutions.


David McDowall + David McDowall Digital Marketing Manager